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Welcome to the Northeast Minneapolis Craft Beer Digital Library.

Over the last few years Minneapolis, and more specifically Northeast Minneapolis, has become a craft beer mecca. With so many small breweries opening up, we decided it would be a good idea to create an enduring online space where craft brewers and beer enthusiasts could learn about beers brewed here.

The Craft Beer Digital Library is not a commercial ratings or critiquing site, but simply an archive. In that, our beer descriptions are as objective (and generic) as possible.

For brewers, this site can act as a learning resource. A single source to look at what kinds of beers have been and are being brewed here.

For enthusiasts, we are hoping this digital library will come in handy as a guide to help check out local breweries. We have also linked map locations to each of the beers to help people find the breweries and taprooms.

If you see any information that is out of date here, please click on the link at the bottom of each beer's page. This will help us keep everything current! Thank you so much for visiting.

Colin Dunn

Kate Wiest

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